My Mom is getting ready to move away from me to take care of my almost 90 year old Grandparents. I am a serious pack-rat when it comes to mementos, and she has been kind enough to indulge this problem by storing a lot of boxes full of pictures, old soccer trophies, diaries…you catch my drift.

Well I came upon a real gem when sifting through this stuff to decide what is worth keeping (it was HARD). See if you can guess what it is!

photo 1

“Life does go on, it hurts but it happens, you learn, you love, and now it’s time to find somebody else…time heals everything!”

It’s a boyfriend break-up box! It gets better…

photo 2

I was cool enough to have a second piece of paper, under the first, letting me know I should really be careful when opening this walk down memory lane.

I seriously could not stop laughing at myself. Apparently I was really bent out of shape about the break-up. I remember it being hard because it was my first “love”, but it’s been maybe one month shy of 13 years since we broke up and I’ve experienced worse break-ups that this one. I’d say that it’s finally the right time to open this bad boy.

photo 3

I saved it all. The teddy bear. The chocolate roses. Valentines day chocolates. Balloons that I DEFLATED to save. Love notes (and fight notes). The ring and necklace he got me. An empty perfume bottle of Clinique Happy. And I topped it all off with a dried corsage that still smelled like pine (it was probably from the Christmas Ball). That’s 13 year old flowers! I am ridiculous.

A little background. This boyfriend, Danny, was the guy I dated senior year of high school. We went to Homecoming dance together and that was that. We dated through almost my first quarter at college (just over 13 months), and he dumped me over the fact that I wasn’t wearing the necklace he gave me one night when we met for dinner at the cafeteria. Mind you it was right before I was going to play an intramural soccer game. You can’t wear necklaces when you play soccer. It must have been an underlying problem and the necklace was just an excuse. This just sounds so petty when I recall what happened, but I was pretty upset.

I look back on this experience and laugh, but I realize it was this relationship that started off my big girl dating experiences. In my almost 31 years of life, there are 3 relationships prior to my hubby that were significant, and this was the first one. I would not be where I am today if it wasn’t for this relationship. Obviously I am who I am today because of all of my prior experiences, but a huge part of the reason I picked my college was because Danny was going there. And my hubby went to this college too. Even though we met after college through friends, I wouldn’t have known the friend that introduced us if we didn’t live in the dorms together. It’s really amazing when you look at all of the things that have to happen in order for us to be where we are right at this second. I could go on and on about everything falling into place, but I think I’ve made my point.

Thank you Danny, for making me who I am today. I love my life, for all the good and the bad I’ve been through.

And thank you to myself for saving what others would think of as crap. I threw away most of the box, but I saved the pictures and the love/fight notes. I’ll need something to laugh about in 10 years when I next clean out my own garage.

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