The Care Package

On my 31st birthday, which was in the last two weeks, I found out my sister-in-law was pregnant! She also had a miscarriage with her first pregnancy, a blighted ovum at 10 weeks, and it was almost a year to the day that they found out. Talk about timing! I can only imagine what was going on in her mind. To be pregnant again would be so exciting, but riddled with nerves. Then you add on top of it that the pregnancy is identical timing to the last one and you’ve got a perfect storm of fears.

Yesterday, she called my husband to tell him she was in the process of miscarrying and wouldn’t be coming down for Christmas. Another one, this time ar five and a half weeks. My heart goes out to her. I guess her doctor mentioned that two miscarriages makes her infertile and she says that was the hardest part. I just can’t stop thinking about how life is so cruel sometimes.

I know this is not happening directly to me but I can’t help it that I have so many feelings to process through. This obviously is a big fear of mine when (if) we get pregnant again. I cannot imagine what she is going through and I am so sad for both of them.

Thank you to all of the bloggers I follow for talking about care packages for miscarriages. I am putting one together for her and her husband today in hopes to bring a smile to their faces.

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