Free baby formula…anyone?

The universe is a cruel place, sometimes. My husband and I got home from our weekly stair run last night and I noticed a package under our mail box.



A lovely collection of baby formula, which would be great if I were actually 7.5 months pregnant. Instead, it’s a stab in the heart and a reminder of what could have been. Luckily I found it more funny than sad (I am feeling great right now).

I have no idea how they got my address, especially since it’s addressed to my maiden name. A quick google search had me cracking up at the other stories around the same issue. Parents getting samples and freaking out that their teens are pregnant, an older gentleman wishing he were getting diapers instead of formula, and women who are pissed because they think free formula samples will deter Moms from breastfeeding.

What a waste. Obviously Si.milac doesn’t care about people’s feelings. They only care about promoting the product. I certainly won’t be purchasing their products when/if the time comes where I need formula. The whole situation has put a bad taste in my mouth.

This incident has also reminded me how much my hubby loves me (not that I needed the reminder). He had actually seen the package on his way up to the apartment and debated on if he should throw it out or not. He threw it out, and an unsuspecting neighbor pulled it out if the trash and put it back under our mail box. He just didn’t want to upset me. Very thoughtful of him. Luckily I found it more ironic and funny than depressing.

Hopefully my friend who is due in two weeks will want it!


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