SIS and Progesterone Update

I had my saline ultrasound (SIS) this past Friday. Wow, the cramping I’ve read about was no joke but it was over quickly. I think it was due to the balloon inflating from the catheter. I did take 800mg of ibuprofen an hour beforehand, but I am still a little uncomfortable even today, and I’m still spotting. 

Dr. N first did a look with just the probe, and did an AFC (since it was cycle day 5, which is close enough to 3 I guess). I had 7 follicles on the right, and he could just make out 1 on the left, with a whopping 27mm cyst on that side. I’d like to think that the other follicles were blocked by the cyst but apparently that’s not the case. He thinks the cyst is probably left over from last months ovulation. It was huge. I have no idea what I’m looking for on the ultrasounds and I could even see it. 

Once he did the saline part, the only abnormality he could see was a small polyp. He says he can almost always tell if he will see something when he just uses the regular ultrasound, and it was pretty tiny. I did have a pelvic ultrasound back in July and they thought they saw a small polyp then, so I guess it’s just been hanging out in my body. Awesome. 

We then met in his office and we discussed the procedure. He recommends removing the polyp (hysteroscopy), so I’m waiting for the surgery department to call me to schedule it. We are also going to do an HSG just to check and make sure my tubes are open. I’ll do that on Tuesday. 

My AFC on the right is in the gray area (they like more than 10, and less than 5 is considered bad) but my left side sucks. Those numbers are consistent with my AMH and FSH so it looks like the beginnings of DOR. 

The plan is to get the other two procedures done and then we will meet and develop a more aggressive plan for getting me pregnant. As much as I wanted to push for that plan now, there is no point because I’ll be on birth control until both procedures are done. What a joke, right? Trying to get pregnant and now I’m back on birth control. Hilarious!  

As for my progesterone level 7 DPO, it was 9. They like it to be >10, so I’m border line. Looks like I’ll be taking progesterone suppositories each cycle from now on, just in case. 

At the end of the appointment he commented that I have such a young face and he’s just so surprised at my numbers given my age. It makes me sad too, as I’ve always been healthy. 

Also, this last cycle I think I may have had a chemical pregnancy. We were on vacation at the Grand Canyon and my luteal phase was 3 days longer than normal. Either the OPK/temping was wrong about my ovulation date or I was briefly pregnant. I decided not to test on vacation and then I stated my period so that was that. It was much heavier than normal on the first day. Who knows, but I am actually glad I don’t know. 

 The picture at the beginning is sunrise, and the picture below is from sunset. The Grand Canyon is so awesome, but the pictures don’t do it justice.  

3 thoughts on “SIS and Progesterone Update

  1. EmilyMaine

    The pictures are beautiful. I am so sorry that your numbers aren’t better than you hoped. But you know, you have enough to get yourself a baby at some point. I hope the prep and investigation time passes quickly for you so you can get the baby part underway. x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nara

    Wow, that picture looks amazing so I can’t imagine what the real thing is like! Sorry to hear about the potential chemical pregnancy and your numbers. That sounds stressful. I hope they get to the bottom of it so you can get pregnant soon! X



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