This time has been different 

Trigger warning-pg post 
I don’t want to hurt anyone by posting this so if you’re not in a good space please don’t read.

Feb 11:

Take a cheap dollar store test. Verify the positive with and FRER. Obviously glad to be pregnant again but very nervous given my history. 

Feb 13-23

Beta HGC doubling every 2-3 days until my last draw. Cue freak-out. 

Feb 29

6w2d. First ultrasound. I’m convinced it’s going to be bad because the HCG didn’t double. So convinced that I tell my husband to not bother coming. So I’m SHOCKED when she shows me a beating heart (which I could make out myself). The nurse practitioner tells me once the HCG levels are greater than about 5k they only expect a rise of about 60%. Wish my doctor would have mentioned that! 

March 8

7w3d. My husband comes to this appointment. We still see a perfectly beating heart at 144, and we can hear it! Graduate to the OB. Bittersweet. 

March 17

8w5d. First OB appointment. I’m again feeling nervous because my boob soreness has gone away for the past couple of days. I’m still feeling some pulling and cramping in my uterus but I’m not very frequently nauseated. Again I am so surprised there is still a heartbeat, at 176, and baby is measuring right on track I guess symptoms really do come and go. Also, this was my first time meeting her and I am so glad I switched. 

April 1

This will be an extra heartbeat check for peace of mind. Thank goodness I asked. 


Honestly I’m dying to feel nauseated constantly so I can have some reassurance but it looks like my dominate pregnancy symptom is cramping in my uterus. I’ve never noticed this in my other pregnancies so it’s what gives me comfort. Obviously we are no out of the woods yet, and with my unicornuate uterus I’m at increased risk for complications. However, I’m doing a pretty good job of staying calm and just taking it day by day. 

I’m taking vaginal progesterone twice a day, which I’m suppose to take until 10 weeks but she said if it makes me more comfortable I can stay on it through the first trimester. I’m also taking baby aspirin daily, a prenatal and extra folic acid. She’s going to ask the maternal fetal medicine doctor about if I can stay on the aspirin and also what extra monitoring I may need with the UU. Once I hear what the MFM has to say, then I’ll make my case for extra monitoring of my cervix. I’m also doing acupuncture twice a week throughout the first trimester. It’s been incredibly calming.

Hubby thinks it’s a girl. I do as well. I hope we get to find out. 

Due date is Oct 22, 2016.


32 thoughts on “This time has been different 

  1. sbach1222

    YAYYYYY! What fantastic news!!! So happy for you! Is this the furthest you have been?

    So glad for your great scans and perfect heartbeat and growth! It is always wonderful to get this kind of news and share it with the rest of us. You are sharing hope.


      1. RJ Post author

        No immune therapy this time. I was tested for some things and I had slightly elevated cytokines but we decided not to explore that treatment option just yet as my miscarriages are presumed to occur because of poor egg quality. Who knows, right?


      2. sbach1222

        Well that is super awesome then!

        And yes, we may never know. But it looks like this one is doing everything he/she is supposed to be doing at this point!

        Keep us posted on the next scan!


  2. Recurrently Unlucky

    Congratulations!! I can certainly understand your anxiety, but I’m so glad you feel this pregnancy is going differently! I really hope she (or he) will come healthy to your arms in October! Keep us updated and try not too worry too much. Hugs


  3. Isabelle

    Wow! That’s great news! I hope everything progresses well for you. It’s nerve wracking but it seems like you are doing great. Best of luck with everything. 🙂


  4. EmilyMaine

    Oooooo I am so happy for you! I know the next month or so will drag and you will be a bundle of nerves but hang in there. You can do it. Get as many scans as they will let you have. That always helped me get through. So happy for you. Congrats X


    1. RJ Post author

      I know! I’ve been wanting to say that to you but I was a chicken to blog about it until further along…plus I’m such a sporadic blogger. I’m glad things are going well for you too!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amy M.

        I forgot to say…I’m not having a ton of symptoms either, but things are looking great. Just be happy you’re still feeling good so far lol!


  5. stealingnectar

    Congratulations!!! Other than the acupuncture, your regimen sounds very similar to what mine was first tri. Everything is still going well for me at nearly 23 weeks, so keep feeling positive! Cramping was also a sure sign for me first tri and even sometimes now, and I didn’t have much morning sickness…just super tired. Good luck and I am so very happy for you!!!


      1. stealingnectar

        Yes. I will take it until 30-something weeks. I also took progesterone until week 13 and then started weaning myself off of it. Do what is comfortable, but that made me feel very safe. Let me know if you have any questions! I have had 4 losses and one of them was at 17 weeks, so I will help however I can!


  6. Jennie

    This is what I get for not logging on again for a few weeks. I am so happy to see this! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, I have not really experienced nausea with my twin pregnancy, which has totally freaked me out but so far so good. Lastly, I totally agree that acupuncture is worth it. I go every week and it help me a lot!

    Liked by 1 person


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