At least we are still heading in the right direction…

Today I am 12w3d pregnant. One week away from the second trimester (although that’s to be debated…I guess technically I could be there already by hitting 12 weeks or I could be 10 days away if I considered 14 weeks to be the start…I’ll go with the happy medium).@@

In general, this has been an incredibly uneventful first trimester, up until yesterday and today. I had an extra reassurance scan at 10w5d where everything looked on track. I weaned my progesterone suppositories to once a day with the plan of stopping after my NT scan on Friday. My pregnancy symptoms were mainly very mild cramping, and I usually had nausea and felt pretty poorly in the evenings up until last Wednesday. Then just very mild on/off cramping. Of course that made me nervous but a lot of googling convinced me it’s normal to have diminishing symptoms in weeks 11/12. My husband and I were preparing for the NT scan this Friday. Yesterday, I had about 8-9 hours of on/off period-like cramping fairly consistently. It was making me nervous but I was trying to convince myself it was normal and my uterus is just growing. I called the advice nurse in the evening and she set me up to see an OB this morning. She also suggested Tylenol which I held off on as I wanted to feel if the cramps got worse. My husband asked if I wanted him to come, and I told him no since he was already taking time off of work for Friday’s scan. I took a hot shower and curled up in bed feeling better and actually slept well and don’t remember cramping overnight.@@

When I woke up this morning, I used the restroom and when I wiped there was pink on the toilet paper and a little in the toilet. Cue freak out. I called my husband who immediately came home and took a hot shower and some Tylenol and proceeded to cry on and off convinced it’s over. I was again having period-like cramping. The pink spotting turned into brown discharge. We prepared ourselves for the worst. I didn’t see my regular OB but the woman I saw was incredibly kind. She checked my cervix, which was closed and she could see the old brown discharge on it. Then she did an abdominal scan where we were able to see the heartbeat and hear it (it sounded fast but she didn’t measure it). Lastly she did a vaginal scan and got a good CRL measuring on track for my dates. My cervix was around 2.5cm which she said was probably fine for now as her measurement could have been off. Since I’m seeing the high risk OB Friday (apparently with the NT you do see this OB) she will have them check again and they can give me more information on incompetent cervix and what the plan would be if I ended up with it. There was no obvious source of the (assumed old) bleed.@@

She then recommended that I go back to taking the progesterone suppositories twice a day and continue that through 34 weeks. It won’t hurt anything and in her experience she thinks it’s a good measure to take if we are worried about incompetent cervix. I also asked her to place me off work the rest of the week which she did. I just want to rest and not be on my feet all day in my occasionally stressful job. She said since I have a history of miscarriages my risk of having another one is obviously higher but she is highly optimistic that things will work out. I hope she’s right.@@

So now we wait until Friday to find out our risk of genetic issues and to see if the baby is still doing well. Both of us are obviously concerned but are trying to remain positive. I was actually starting to feel comfortable in this pregnancy, but that all changed this morning. I’m still having the period-like cramping although it’s not as bad as yesterday (but today I’m taking Tylenol so who knows how much pain that’s helping with). I had a lot of brown discharge after I went number two (sorry if TMI) but after that I’ve had nothing when wiping and a slight amount on my pad. I really hope this works out, as I cannot imagine the alternative at this point.@@

My husband has been amazingly supportive and loving throughout all of this. When we got home from the appointment, he gave me a beautiful necklace with matching earrings. It was originally supposed to be for Mother’s Day but he wanted me to have it now. I am so touched and lucky to have him by my side, through the good and the bad.@@

Thanks again everyone for the support! Sorry I’m such a sporadic writer. 


23 thoughts on “At least we are still heading in the right direction…

  1. stealingnectar

    Will look forward to an update and will be thinking of you. All sounds like it’s going well and nothing sounds too extreme and worrying to me, although I completely know the feeling! It will be good to see the specialist and get some more reassurance. Massive hugs!

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  2. Amy M.

    I’m sorry you’ve had a stressful day. I’ve had 2 bleeds now and things are fine with baby girl. I know how hard it is not to stress, but you have to just try to keep your head up and keep telling yourself that this baby will be fine. I know it doesn’t always work, but most of the time it can help you get through the day.
    I was actually wondering about the whole change in trimester timing myself today. There seems to be so much debate on it…once you hit 12 weeks? Once you finish 12 weeks? When you finish 13 weeks? It doesn’t seem to be too clear-cut! Either way, hang in there! And good luck on Friday!

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    1. EmilyMaine

      Yeah the trimester thing is weird. Once I hit 13 weeks I called it the second tri. Then I called 28 weeks the third. But, you know, there was no real reason for that. 40 just doesn’t divide well by 3. 😉

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      1. Amy M.

        With the first one yes. I’ve honestly had light to moderate period-like cramping the whole pregnancy, so it doesn’t worry me. I’m still kinda paranoid though, and check for blood every single time I pee. Hopefully that worry will go away at some point. (Every time I don’t see blood I repeat my mantra: this baby is fine, stop freaking out, she’ll be in your arms in the fall!)


      2. RJ Post author

        I love your mantra!! Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it! The period-like cramping is still freaking me out as it hasn’t been this pronounced for a few weeks. And I just wish the brown would go away completely (it stopped this afternoon but I had a bit this evening). But alas only time will tell. Hope you’re well and thanks for the support.

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      3. Amy M.

        Just remember brown=old. Red is fresh, that’s more worrisome, at least per the Dr. The cramping may just be your uterus stretching or your ligaments. Just a couple more days until your scan and some reassurance, just hang in there! And yes you can steal my mantra lol


  3. EmilyMaine

    Oh these early stages just blow. Someone once called this the “shit trimester” and I really think they were right. Everything seems to hang on a thread and all sorts of weird things seem to happen. I hope this turns out to be nothing at all to worry about and that you have a really reassuring appointment to ease your fears on Friday. Resting up is good. Hang in there. xxx


  4. Recurrently Unlucky

    It sounds like everything’s on track, though I really do get why you’re stressed, I’d be worried and anxious too… Try to get as much rest as you can and stay hydrated, Friday is just around the corner and I hope you’ll have a very reassuring scan. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing you feel more confident!


  5. Sondra

    So sorry for all the stress and I’m glad you took off work the rest of the week and have an appointment on Fri. Around this time is strange, it seems like so many women have period cramps around now. When I asked my OB about this (I had them with N), she said that’s about the stage the uterus expands above your pelvis. And the spotting is completely normal in pregnancy. I had a massive bleed at 7wks and they never found the source. Good luck to you! I’ll be thinking of you!


  6. sbach1222

    I’m so sorry you have to deal with all of this stress. Being pregnant after loss is hard enough without adding in the extra stress. But it does sounds like baby is still okay and that you are in good hands and they are doing some preventative stuff.

    Keep us posted on Friday’s scan! I will be thinking of you!


  7. cardoor12

    I have had cramping since 5dp5dt and still do now at 16w6d with twins. I know it is worrisome to feel cramping but it really is normal. Hang in there and update us after your apt tomorrow 🙂



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