A Cervix Check, A Mini Gender Reveal, and A Doppler 

I had my 18 week (at 17w5d) cervix check today and all looks well. My OB is not great at the checks so she came in with another doctor. The average length was 3.4cm (my doctor got 2 lower lengths around 2.9 and the other doctor got two over 4cm so I’ll take it). 

After they were done I got to see the baby! He/she is so big now and was moving all over the place, but I couldn’t feel any of it. I do think I’ve felt a few light kicks over the past 10 days but I have no idea what I’m suppose to be feeling so who knows! They feel like someone is flicking my lower pelvic area, or kind of what I would imagine popcorn popping inside me to feel like (a strange visual, that’s for sure). She was able to tell if it’s a boy or girl, so I had her write it on a card and put it in an envelope. 

I then headed over to Car.ter’s and picked out a boy and girl outfit, my first baby purchase. I left both outfits, the envelope, a box, ribbon, ultrasound pictures, and cash at the register. The woman and man working were so excited to ring it up for me in secret (I left the store) and wrap everything up in the box. My husband and I will open it tonight and finally know what we are having! I could totally wait until the delivery but my husband is dying to know and after everything we’ve been through I think it’ll help me bond better with the baby. I’m guessing it’s a girl!

 We have our anatomy scan in 2 weeks and another cervix check in a month. It’s really flying by and I’m forgetting to stop worrying and just enjoy being pregnant. In other news I bought a Doppler and I certainly have an opinion on it! I first used it at 16w3d and after watching a fantastic video highlighting all the sounds I may hear (http://www.babybeat.com/doppler-sounds.html), I found it fairly easily! Then I used it again at 16w5d and 16w6d and only found it both days very briefly, no matter how hard I tried. It scared me and I was wondering if it was really the heartbeat or if I was totally wrong. I then tried again at 17w1d and found it right away, and my husband tried at 17w3d and also found it on his own (with a little coaching from me).

So my conclusion is that if you’re going to buy one, you should wait until later in your pregnancy to start using it to maximize your chances of quickly finding it and not freak yourself out. If your OB will let you come in for heartbeat checks and reassurance scans, do that instead of getting a Doppler. Also, if you panic easily, don’t get one. It causes a lot of anxiety that you may not be able to handle. But to each his/her own, this is totally my opinion.

Hope everyone us doing well. I’ll update soon to give you the gender result (which is a big deal for me as I am not a very regular blogger)! 

9 thoughts on “A Cervix Check, A Mini Gender Reveal, and A Doppler 

  1. EmilyMaine

    Ooooooo exciting! Such a cute idea for the gender reveal! I can’t wait to find out. I agree re the doppler. Ultimately I decided not to get one in the end because I thought it would be anxiety inducing for me and my OB was SO available to me I felt I could just go there and see bub if I was stressed out anyway. So glad everything is progressing well. Almost half way! Wooooo!

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