A Long Overdue Update

Hi everyone! I’ve been keeping up on all of your blogs but I’ve been a huge slacker with my own blog. Not that any of you are surprised as I was never a very regular blogger. Here’s a week-by-week update for all of you who may be interested (I keep a daily log of pregnancy related stuff that I will use for this purpose).

20 weeks: Starting to feel more movement! Also starting to notice several Braxton hicks contractions throughout each day. I’ve been dealing with constipation and I can’t quite figure out what to do to help me be regular.

21 weeks: started off 21 weeks with a trip to L&D after work due to increasing pelvic pressure and yeast infection symptoms. Cervix check was just fine and I wasn’t having contractions on the monitor. She didn’t do a pelvic exam but said she didn’t think I had a yeast infection. Maybe pressure due to constipation? Well I wish she would have done that pelvic exam because I ended up at my OB 5 days later with what she called a “raging yeast infection”. I was having horrible pelvic pressure again (who knew that was a symptom for yeast infections, right?). I took two doses of Diflucan (which is apparently only a no no in the first trimester) and a full 7 day course of yeast cream. I have yet to have another yeast infection…knock on wood! Also, my husband fel the baby kick! Such a wonderful moment for him!

22 weeks: Last cervix check! It measured at 3.5cm so I graduated from cervix checks. Yay! Still dealing with constipation every couple of days. I have been started in the pre-term labor prevention program due to the risk of pre-term labor with my uterine anomaly. It consists of a weekly phone call with a nurse where I discuss how my contractions have been over the past week. I am to monitor for contractions for an hour a day and if I ever have more than 4 in an hour that are longer than 30 seconds each, I have to call them or L&D to see if u should come in for a check. 

23 weeks: I got a video of her kicking and my skin moving! It was so awesome! Had some very strange discharge that I feared was my mucus plug so I got checked out by an OB after work. All was good, cervix still long and closed and no sign of the cause for discharge. Also I’m starting to get some round ligament pain this week. We went camping at Mono Lake for our anniversary weekend which was a wonderful break from real life.

24 weeks: Viability! I literally can’t believe I’ve made it this far. Obviously I don’t want to have her for a long while but the thought that I can now potentially bring home a baby is very exciting. Also we discovered that she loves loud music and kicks a ton when we blasted it on the way home from our trip. Unfortunately I got a cold this week. Who gets that in the summer? Also my boobs finally grew again, I was wondering when this would happen. This week marks the week where I feel her move multiple times a day and it’s so incredibly reassuring. At my 24 week appointment I find out that 20 lbs at 24 weeks is just slightly out of the range of normal. It’s weird because I don’t feel like I’ve put on that much weight at all. Now I have to be careful the rest of this pregnancy to stay under 35 lbs. My uterus is growing right on track for my dates and it is super obvious there is a horn/point up to the right. I wonder what my OB and myself would think if we didn’t know about the anomaly. I also passed the glucose challenge test so no gestational diabetes here! And I though the drink tasted good…like a sprite! This week I first felt the baby have hiccups. So cute!

25 weeks: Started this off with a bang by ending up in L&D due to leaking fluid (we were on a joint bachelor/bachelorette party in San Diego…apparently I like to take tours of hospitals when we go on vacation). Luckily my water had not broken and the test they do to see if you’ll go into pre-term labor was negative. My cervix was still long and closed. The OB’s theory was my pregnancy-related discharge was more watery or I had peed myself. Joy! Guess I have to do more kegals. Of note, baby girl is still head down so I’m hoping she stays that way so I can attempt a vaginal delivery. With the unicornuate uterus, you cannot try to turn them. Honestly I think she is out of room to turn at this point so fingers crossed for that vaginally delivery. 

26 weeks: I’m starting to realize that Braxton hicks contractions are my normal. One of the on-call L&D OB’s thinks the unicornuate uterus is more prone to these contractions, especially when it’s growing. So every 5-7 days I’ll have an evening or afternoon where I contract a lot. It’s still scary but I’m becoming more accustomed to what is ok for me. The baby moves so much now and her kicks are getting stronger. I’ve been woken up in the middle of the night by them and also sometimes cannot get back to sleep! If I haven’t felt her for awhile I just lay on my back briefly. She hates it and will start kicking (which makes me feel a bit mean).

So what’s next? While my ultimate goal is a full term delivery, my next milestone is 28 weeks. I hope I can at least deliver after 34 weeks. I will have my 28 week appointment and we will schedule an extra growth scan to check for IUGR (another potential UU complication). Other than that I’ll just be keeping up with all of your stories!

Thank you if you made it through this incredibly long post!

13 thoughts on “A Long Overdue Update

  1. EmilyMaine

    I thought the drink tasted like Sprite too! It did make me lethargic awhile after drinking but I had nowhere near the issues others with it that others seem to! Bummer about the yeast infection. You poor thing! Everyone is different with pregnancy constipation. I found if I ate loads of fruit and veg daily it helped. I would pay for my slack eating days by being blocked up. Nice incentive to stay healthy. Oh and I ate a lot more bread than usual (I’m not really a bread eater) – obviously brown grainy bread as opposed to white stuff – on an effort to get more fibre. Anyway that all worked for me. Good luck! Lovely to hear from you.


    1. RJ Post author

      Yeah I think I had a sugar crash after drinking it and had to get a snack! I’ve been doing the dried fruit thing and it’s been a lifesaver, in addition to upping my veggies.


  2. Amy M.

    Sounds like things are overall doing well, even though you’ve had a couple hiccups along the way! I guess I didn’t realize we were due so close to each other…when is your due date? Good to see an update! Hope things continue to go well and baby girl continues to grow big and strong!!


    1. RJ Post author

      Hi! Due Oct 22 like you I’m expecting to deliver earlier due to my uterine anomaly. Just not a scheduled delivery as of now. I love your bump posts since we are so close in due date. They are great to read!



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