36 Week Appt and Breastfeeding Class, and Ideal Birth

I had my 36 week appointment with my regular OB today. We just chatted about induction and about how excited she is that I’ve almost made it to (early) full term. She also checked me to see if I have any dilation. I’m currently a fingertip (which means less than 1cm) but I’m 50% effaced and my cervix is quite soft. She can even feel the baby’s head since she’s super low! So I’m hoping I’ll go into labor naturally before Saturday’s scheduled induction! Haha, yeah right! I’m not expecting that, but I am hoping that the soft cervix will make the induction go a bit smoother!

My husband and I took a breastfeeding class tonight through Kaiser health education that was very well put together. She gave us a ton of resources to get help if we have problems and gave us a great overview. 

We watched a video of the golden hour, where they put the baby skin-to-skin on Mom just after she’s born and I literally started crying to myself as soon as I head the baby’s first cries. Then I proceeded to sniffle and tear up through the rest of the video. It was really touching. 

I really hope our baby cries right away and I get to have her placed on my chest. I just feel like there have been so many complications and anxieties throughout trying to get pregnant and during the pregnancy and I am just really hoping I get this magical experience. 

Obviously I just want my baby girl to make it out safely into this world, but I guess I do have some pretty deep-rooted hopes that I can still have a beautiful birth experience even though we are being induced. I always wanted to not have an epidural and not use meds but that is probably not going to happen and I’ve made peace with that. I think it’s really about my attitude going into everything and I’m just trying to go with the flow and realize that not everything is in my control (logically I know this but I think we all have our ideas of a perfect birth, and what my birth will likely be does not match with my ideal birth story). 

Anyway this was a rambling post but the emotions I felt watching that video tonight made me feel like writing. I have my last NST, Dopplers, and MFM appointment on Thursday. I’ll update once more after that appointment, then induction will be Saturday likely starting in the early evening! 

Shit is about to get real!


13 thoughts on “36 Week Appt and Breastfeeding Class, and Ideal Birth

  1. EmilyMaine

    Good luck for the induction! Cervix progress is a great sign of things being ready to start. I only had my waters broken for my birth and I am certain the fact that I was already 2cm helped me kick start. Even if you have a monitor on (which they will make you do when induced) it doesn’t mean you have to lie on the bed. You can stand up right next to it and move and be active. Don’t forget that! That will help with pain and progress. No matter how it goes down I just hope you get a happy experience with a healthy baby girl to hold in your arms right away. Enjoy the journey! X


  2. sbach1222

    So exciting! I can’t believe she is almost here!!!

    I can’t wait to hear the wonderful news of her arrival, regardless of how she got here, though of course I do hope it is as easy on you both as possible!


  3. Amy M.

    We have our breastfeeding class tomorrow night. I hope nothing there makes me cry!! I wish you all the best on your induction!! I hope it goes well for you, and baby girl gets here safely and without too much fuss. I hope that you get to have some of your wishes for the birth as well. I’ll be thinking about you!!! *hugs*

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