‘Twas the Day Before Induction…

…and I literally cannot believe I made it to (early) full term, well, as of midnight tonight. 

My MFM appointment went well yesterday. No growth scan but the flow from the umbilical cord to the baby is still normal (although the resistance is on the high end of normal still). Fluid levels are still good as well. So we are still on for our induction tomorrow. I call the hospital at 4pm to make sure they have room to admit me. Then they’ll give me something to ripen my cervix and we get to sleep overnight, and then hopefully I’ll be ready to start the pitocin! So we don’t expect baby girl to arrive until later on Sunday or even Monday. 

I’m just so excited to meet her! I hope everything goes well and I don’t need a c-section, and she doesn’t need the NICU. But my greatest hope is that she is born safely so my husband and I can love her even more than we already do. 

Wish me luck! I can’t believe it’s here!


14 thoughts on “‘Twas the Day Before Induction…

  1. Amy M.

    Hooray, it’s time!! I’ve been thinking about you a lot. I truly hope that things go pretty uneventfully and that your little one gets here safe and sound and fighting strong! I can’t wait to hear how things go for you…this will be me in just a couple weeks as well! Yay October babies!!


  2. wifey1985

    Yay, good luck! I hope labor goes perfectly and just how you want. But in case it doesn’t, thought I would share that I had a c section with my first, and it was a pretty positive experience all things considered. The end result will be amazing no matter how you get there 😊



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