Baby A is Here!

Baby A was born Oct. 3 at 9:01am. She weighed 4lb 13oz and came out screaming. It was a successful vaginal delivery from a 44 hour marathon induction.

I’m emotionally and physically exhausted but my husband and I are so in love with our precious, tiny baby. We’re having some blood sugar and breastfeeding issues that are keeping us in the hospital, but doing ok so far. My husband has been incredible. 

Thank you everyone for all your support and well wishes. I will write a birth story when I’m more with it. I’m also very behind on everyone’s blogs so I will catch up when things settle down. Hope everyone is well!


18 thoughts on “Baby A is Here!

  1. Amy M.

    Congrats!! She almost hit the 5lb mark, so not bad!! So happy she came out yelling, such a great sign. Hope everything settles down and you guys get to go home soon. So happy for you!!!!

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  2. stealingnectar

    Yay!!! Congratulations!!! Wow, so many pregnancies, adoptions, and births lately for all our blog friends…so excited for you and your family! My little guy is 11 weeks and we couldn’t be more in love and happy with our life. Enjoy the sleepless love fest!!!! It’s the best!!

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