Update and my mood

Hello everyone! Just wanted to say hi and that I’ve been enjoying all of your updates and commenting, but have not written one of my own due to sheer laziness. 

Baby A is 9 months and weighs in at 15lb 5oz…9th percentile. She’s so petite but super strong and has been crawling and pulling up since 7 months (she learned to crawl in Hawaii…so much for a relaxing vacation)! Now she has started to cruise and she can stand on her own for 5-10 seconds. She’s babbling a ton, says dadada but no mamama yet. We are eating tons of solids, and even starting to feed her from what we are eating. Still breastfeeding. All in all she’s so much fun!

Sleep in general has been difficult. This past weekend she took 2 1.5 hour naps in one day and that was a first! She sleeps 10-11 hours at night, and generally can put herself to sleep quickly after her bedtime routine with minimal crying. But we frequently get a wake up about 40 minutes after going to bed and she can scream and fuss for up to an hour and is incredibly difficult to console. Once we go to bed, if she wakes up we just bring her into our bed (as we are sharing a room in our 1 bedroom apartment and letting her scream doesn’t work for the neighbors or for our sleep). I just feel like the room sharing makes it really hard for her to sleep long stretches bc we disrupt her. But I’m just dealing with it bc there is no other option for now. I’m open to suggestions!

The sleep issues really get to me. I have such a hard time listening to her cry and I dread bedtime and nighttime. My back is also really sore all the time and I think it’s due to cosleeping bc I have to stay in the same position for too long. This makes me moody and cranky. I’m not exactly a pleasant person to be around and I feel like a bad parent bc my baby won’t sleep like a “good” baby. I’m also pretty lonely as it’s hard to make plans when you work almost full time and you’re obsessed with your baby’s sleep (I don’t like leaving to house bc I fear her not getting good naps and thus making nighttime worse for me than it already is). I have no clue if this classifies as mild PPD/PPA bc when I read about both of them I don’t feel I fit the description but I’m just not sure. 

So I’m looking for a weekly yoga class to get myself out of the house.  I’m hoping to meet some nice people and also help out my back pain. I’m also making a effort to go on a Mom date once a month. I did one in June and there is one in the works for July. Hopefully this will help!

Lastly I’m wondering when your periods came back. Mine is no where to be found at 9 months out. I would be ok with one baby but my husband really wants another so I’m willing to try. Since my numbers were heading toward DOR when they were tested 1.5 years ago I feel that we should try again sooner rather than later but that’s kind of hard to do when you still don’t have your period. Im guessing the night nursing is the problem but see above about sleep to guess how I feel about stoping that…….

Hoping everyone is doing well in their lives. I love reading your updates so keep ’em coming!


7 thoughts on “Update and my mood

  1. lyra211

    Such a cute little peanut!!! 9 months is a really fun age. Love the little naked baby bum too — I need to remember to take more naked pictures of S. That stage ends way too soon! 🙂

    I think my periods returned around 9 months, but definitely before we had fully night-weaned. I think I was down to one night feeding at that point? I remember reading somewhere that the average was around 14 months if you’re breastfeeding, and that it had more to do with the longest stretch between feedings than the number of times per day. Good luck — I definitely know that horrible questioning of “do I cut back on breastfeeding and jeopardize a great bf relationship with my current baby just in the hopes that I can have another one a little sooner?” There’s no right answer!

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  2. Amy M.

    Love the pics!! Every time I give her a bath, I think to myself I need to get a naked baby bum pic, I just never think of it when my camera is around lol.
    She sounds like she’s doing great! Your period isn’t supposed to return until you finish nursing, something to do with hormones. That said…I do feel like I get sort of a “phantom” or “silent” period almost monthly, since she was about 2-3 months old. Around the same time every month or so I have all of my PMS symptoms, but no period. Very tired, cranky, cramping, hungry; just no bleeding. I did talk to my OB about it at my 6 week postpartum appt, and he said that’s probably what it is. Not much I can do about it I guess, just keep plugging along! Not sure if that’s helpful to you or not, but that’s all the “info” I have on it. 🙂
    I don’t have any advice really on the sleep situation, but I will say that if she’s sleeping 10-11 hours at night, that’s really good! C has had some sleep issues the past few days, and I fully blame it on her teething. Does A ALWAYS wake up 40 minutes after you put her down? I would see if maybe you could try to push bedtime off another 20-30 minutes and see if that helps at all? Maybe she’s not quite ready to go to sleep yet when you put her down? I would maybe try that and see if it helps at all.
    Glad to see an update from you!

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  3. sbach1222

    What a cutie!! Baby Bach is petite too and crawled and pulls himself up really early too. Less weight to have to balance!

    I’m sure the lack of cycle is from night nursing. How many times does Baby A nurse at night? Is it possible to have an expressed bottle for night time feedings so that you can go a longer stretch? Then you would just have to pump off the excess after her next nursing session to use for the next night so that you won’t get a supply drop. Like lyra said, I think getting a longer stretch is what will bring your cycle back, not necessarily a drop in demand. Even when DS has slept through the night, I still wake up to pump because I am not ready for another child yet! And so far AF hasn’t shown up yet. 7.5m pp.

    Lately my great sleeper has been waking up a lot too at night, we just got some Gripe Water Night time – which has Chamomile in it, which is supposed to relax baby and help with teething too. We tried it 2 nights ago and he only woke once at night. (He slept completely through the night before solids, can’t wait until we get back there!) It might be something to look into, I only got it because the store was out of regular Gripe Water (which I LOVE for his gas, it really helps calm him when he is gassy) but so far it is working out well!

    Good luck!

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  4. EmilyMaine

    Awwwww cute! She is adorable. Yeah the sleep thing sucks and I think room sharing does contribute for sure as Holly was much much better after we moved her out at about 8mths. She did the whole wake up after the first sleep cycle thing at night for aaaaaages. I’m not even sure what fixed that in the end to be honest. Eventually it just stopped! Maybe around the time I decided to stop bfeeding to sleep. It wasn’t a magic cure though and it took a long while and it did really stress me out. I found the co-sleeping quite challenging too and it was making me grumpy also so things were better when I set it up so it was easier for me to be next to her cot for settling. That might be easier said than done in your situation though. Keep at it! These things do get better. It must be hard to be working full time without good sleep. I really feel for you. Lovely to read an update.


  5. silentmiscarriageloudthoughts

    I get you on the anxiety around sleep. Sleep is a struggle for N, and I used to feel really anxious but just roll with it now. She only takes 30 min naps, and always wakes up half an hour after bed, and then a billion times a night but we cosleep as well. I just feed her back to sleep every time because I’m not comfortable with her crying. And I go to bed when she first wakes up- so usually 7.30! I feel like I’m getting enough sleep, I just don’t have an evening. But hey, one day they will sleep through.
    And yeah, no cycle for me either obviously! But we’re not looking to ttc just yet.


  6. ourgreatestdesire

    Oh gosh! She is so adorable! Her and A are about the same size but A wants nothing to do with crawling and has only pulled herself to her knees a couple of times. I’m okay with that though. I wish I had some advice for the sleep issues. Do you use a fan or white noise at all? We always sleep with a fan on and now that A is in her own room, we have one in there too. I hope it gets better for you!


  7. mamajo23

    Such a cutie!! Have you heard of the dockatot for when you have to co sleep? It might help you get your own space and some sleep as well.



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