Moving right along…

This is a pregnant post, please feel free to skip if need be…

Today I am 9 weeks! It is really a bit shocking to be here and I really hope things keep going well.

I had my last OB appointment this past Friday with my regular OB. She is so amazing and totally squeezed me in so I could see her even when she had no openings. My husband managed to make it after work as well and I was so glad to have his support, especially after the last experience seeing the heartbeat and then having it be gone. My pregnancy symptoms had tapered off again so I was a bit nervous. I was measuring 8w4d, which was a full 3-4 days ahead based off of the last scan. Heartbeat was 180! The baby is so much bigger in a matter of a week. I forgot how much they grow and in such a short timeframe.

I will go back for my prenatal intake appointment next week on Tuesday at 10 weeks. Then if everything looks good I’ll have to see how I’m feeling and if I can wait longer in between ultrasounds (I have a Doppler from last time so I may try it out after my appointment and just use that but who knows if I’ll be able to find the heartbeat…I waited until 15 or 16 weeks to use it last time).

We are going to do the blood test for common chromosomal anomalies this time because I’ll be 35 at the time of delivery (next month…eeekkkk…where has the time gone). I also would like a version of the NT scan but I have no idea if I’ll be able to convince them to do both…it’s apparently one or the other. Hopefully I can work my magic and get what I want!

As for symptoms, they are quite mild, so that continues to make me nervous. My mantra is “I have no reason to believe anything is wrong”. I’ve been saying it a lot. I hope it still rings true for the rest of this pregnancy!


1 thought on “Moving right along…

  1. lyra211

    Hooray! So glad to read the happy update. And I’m glad that they are giving you lots of reassuring scans. Yay for good, compassionate doctors! I think you should be able to get both the blood test and the NT scan — my recollection is that the NT scan also screens for neural tube defects, which are not covered by the blood test. I definitely had both in this pregnancy, and it wasn’t an issue with my insurance (high five from another 35-year-old mama-to-be). Lack of symptoms is such a mixed blessing — I really hear you. I have never vomited through 3 full first trimesters, and while I’m grateful for that fact, it always makes me nervous (maybe especially because my first pregnancy ended so poorly). Hopefully it’s as simple as the fact that you are one of those lucky people that doesn’t respond too dramatically to pregnancy hormones — we are out there! Glad that you and Lucky are doing well, and here’s hoping for more good news to come.



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