22 week ultrasound…

So my cervix measured longer at 3.8 to 4 this time! Thank goodness.

I’m beginning to realize my anxiety about appointments is contributing to my symptoms and seems to increase my Braxton Hicks contractions and cramping. Apparently I need to do a better job relaxing in general. I am ok until a few days before the appointment and then I start to let the anxiety take over. Any suggestions?

Next step is a another cervix check at 24 weeks and the gestational diabetes test. Yay! And the ever so exciting viability at 24 weeks (which I hope to goodness I don’t have anything close to a 24 weeker)!!

4 thoughts on “22 week ultrasound…

  1. Rach

    Yay that the measurement was longer. I’ve got nothing o. The anxiety thing. It is different for everyone. What about even a 5 min meditation every day? Maybe that will help? X


  2. lyra211

    So glad to hear more good news! Grow, Lucky, grow! As for anxiety… my only solution has been distract, distract, distract. Can you plan some extra outings with A or maybe a big project to do at home? For me, it doesn’t even have to be something “relaxing” — in fact, the more it demands my attention, the better, because pretty much anything is less stressful for me than a big pregnancy appointment or milestone. When I was pregnant with S and approaching the time in the pregnancy where we lost our daughter, I inadvertently planned a work trip that coincided exactly with both the anniversary of our loss and the point where I was as pregnant with S as I had been when we lost our daughter. It worked out great — I had so many meetings to go to and a talk to write that I hardly had time to think about how anxious I was. Of course I was very aware of the milestones passing, but it took the edge off the anxiety. I hope that you are able to find some way to distract yourself and make the time pass faster. You are so close! ❤


  3. Dani

    How I dealt with anxiety when pregnant was to do adult colouring in, knitting and blog- but I think that’s a whole different story with a kid now! There are some good apps I used for PTSD perhaps there are similar for anxiety you could put your headphones on for? Rach’s idea of meditation is good, for that I use the ‘meditation studio’ app when I’m traveling, it’s got all sorts of free meditation series.


  4. Nara

    Wow how can you be 22 weeks already? I hope the anxiety starts to abate. I found mine naturally decreased from about halfway through just because I could feel more – like baby moving about etc. I hope you’re okay. XX



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