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20 week ultrasound

So in my true blogging form I am late to the game once again. My 20 week ultrasound was a week and a half ago and I’m happy to report that everything looks within normal limits with the baby! He is measuring on track with dates so far, which is a huge relief. And we confirmed that he actually is a he.

My cervix is measuring 3.2cm which is still in the reassuring range, but of course I’m concerned that it’s been shortening every two weeks. I started in the 5cm range, down to 4cm and now closer to 3cm. I held steady around 4cm for my last pregnancy. Hopefully my cervix check this week will show no change and I can stop worrying about it (yeah right, I am a huge worrier).

Next up is my last cervix check at 22 weeks, and then I will have a growth scan around the 30 week mark. With baby A, the growth scan at 30 weeks was where the IUGR was diagnosed so I’m hoping that history doesn’t repeat itself.

I’ve been feeling movement since 15 weeks but over the last week it’s become very frequent and it’s getting stronger. I even saw a kick through my belly the other night. My husband has been able to feel him this past week as well, which has been great for bonding.

My Braxton hicks contractions have been increasing in frequency over the past week as well. I hate that I feel them so early. I’m always concerned they are going to turn into preterm labor. I’ve also had some period-like pain that I’ve been attributing to round ligament pain (this has been my norm for weeks). It’s been way worse this pregnancy but luckily it’s only severe for 10-15 mins before subsiding.

I finally started telling people at work, and it’s certainly time because I cannot hide I anymore. Hilariously enough I have a co-worker who is due 2 days before me! She also waited until the 20 week mark to say anything. I know she and her husband had a hard time conceiving (although I don’t know the details) so I am super ecstatic for her! Sadly, I have another co-worker who is currently experiencing her third miscarriage in a year. She had a late miscarriage at 18 weeks where her water just broke out of nowhere, followed by two first trimester miscarriages. I’m so sad for her and I did my best to offer her support yesterday when she told me (I disclosed my five miscarriages to her) but I’m still unsure how much support she wants from the pregnant girl so I’ll just keep checking in.

In other news, we are potty training A. She is still in diapers for naps and nights but she’s doing great otherwise. She still poops in her diaper but has also pooped in the potty several times as well. I initially didn’t want to bribe but my husband started giving her 3 chocolate chips if she poops in the potty and that has helped immensely. She doesn’t need any bribing for pee. We had one day this week where she peed herself FIVE times in an afternoon and I though we had completely regressed, but it’s now been almost 4 days and no accidents since then. She is also doing great at daycare using the potty. I hope it keeps going well.

Wishing everyone all the best in the new year!


My First Trip to L&D and the Anatomy Scan

Last weekend my husband I were out of town visiting my grandparents and I began experiencing some intense on and off pelvic pressure. Finally after enduring it for about 24 hours, I decided to go to the ER for some reassurance. I was hoping it was nothing serious but with my cervix risk factors I just wanted to be sure. Plus there was no way I could enjoy the rest of my trip with this fear weighting on me. 

Apparently in Southern California you go to L&D anytime after 16 weeks so the triage RN in thr ER sent me up there (here in Northern California it’s anytime after 20 weeks). I was put into a monitoring room almost immediately and gave a urine sample, which was negative for a UTI. Then the RN put the contraction monitor on me. I was not having any contractions. The OB did a cervix check and a vaginal ultrasound to check the cervical length. Thankfully it was closed and measuring at 4cm. She could tell from the pelvic exam that I had a yeast infection…joy! I haven’t had one of those in YEARS! I am taking 7 days of Monistat cream, and the abdominal pressure and other symptoms were gone within a day. 

It’s funny but I’m glad something wasn’t right because I didn’t want to seem like I’m overly paranoid. My husband reminded me that I’m usually  in-tune with my body and I know when something isn’t right. I’m so glad he was there with me. So I think I need to get over those paranoid feelings and go with my instincts!

Now onto my anatomy scan, which I had today at 19w5d. Surprisingly I was not super nervous about it until yesterday. I had a little bit of insomnia and a nightmare that we were running late to the exam. The exam itself took about an hour and I had to pee so badly by the end. There was no extra monitor for me to watch so I used a hand mirror to see the scan, which put my arm to sleep! Also, I specifically requested a vaginl measurement of my cervix for consistency, and I think the tech thought I was a little crazy. It was a little bit hard knowing the technician couldn’t tell us anything and we would have to wait for the radiologist to read the report and then for my OB to email the results. We did not get any vibes of something being wrong, although she spent a lot of time on the heart, and the scan of the face looked like the baby was missing her left eye. Fortunately we got the results within two hours of the scan being completed!

The scan results were great, thank goodness! Little girl is measuring in the 37th percentile (I’m super worries about IUGR with my unicornuate uterus as that is a potential complication) so that number is important to me. Otherwise she was within normal limits for everything (and still a girl). She was moving a TON and I felt none of it…come to find out I have an anterior right placenta so that is probably why I feel no movement. I have been feeling some kicks/flicks since 16 weeks, and they are more frequent and harder over the past few days and fairly high (just below belly button) or in the center just about half-way above my pubic bone. The placenta location is probably why I feel her kicks but not her wriggling. She’s head down so fingers crossed she stays that way (another fun unicornuate uterus thing is babies run out of room to turn as they get bigger, thus I have an increased risk of c/s). Cervix is nice and long/closed at 4cm thank goodness. 

I told my husband I will try to finally start relaxing now that all looks good. Hopefully I will be able to. We have started cleaning out our room, and creating a baby registry. It’s getting so much more real. Next milestone is my 22 week cervix check, and then viability at 24 weeks. It is a little surreal that I’m at the half way point (although realistically I will deliver early so I’ve already past half-way). 

Hope everyone is doing well.