Hello everyone!

I am currently a 35 year old RN who lives in the SF Bay Area. This blog is mostly an outlet for me to talk about the escapades that have occurred over the past 5 years while trying to build a family. The quick rundown is below…

July 2014…pregnant on the first try, and first missed miscarriage at 8 weeks. No growth past 6.5 weeks. Miscarriage induced with misoprostol.

March 2015…second pregnancy and missed miscarriage. Nothing really in the sac, likely a blighted ovum. Miscarriage induced with misoprostol.

Aug 2015…3rd pregnancy and missed miscarriage. No growth past 6 weeks. Was taking vaginal progesterone from the moment I found out about the pregnancy. Miscarriage induced with misoprostol.

Sept 2015…Work up with the RE shows FSH of 12 and AMH of 1.24. Looks like I have the beginnings of DOR. RE thinks it’s likely my miscarriages are all choromosomal abnormalities given this information. Progesterone at 7DPO is slightly low. All other labs normal.

Nov 2015…Polyp noted on my saline sonogram. Scheduled surgery for Dec 2013. Decided to get an HSG done, although the RE thought this was pointless because I have no probem getting pregnant. Well shocker for everyone, I have a right unicornuate uterus.

Dec 2015…Polyp removed via hysteroscopy. Right Unicornuate uterus is confirmed at this time as well. I have an MRI that shows I have 2 ovaries, 2 kidneys, and a right unicornuate uterus with no remnant horn. We start exploring the possibly of doing IVF with PGS to see if getting a chromosomally normal embryo implanted will give me a successful pregnancy. We keep trying naturally while we explore this option.

Feb 2016…4th pregnancy. I am taking baby aspirin regularly and vaginal progesterone from 3DPO. We have a heartbeat this time. Pregnancy complicated by severe IUGR diagnosed at 30 weeks. We are monitored closely by perinatology until 37 weeks.

Oct 2016…we are induced at 37 weeks and I deliver my beautiful baby girl A on Oct. 3rd, 2016. She is the 0th percentile all around but as of writing this (March 2019) she is in the 40th percentile all around and developing completely normally!

Dec 2017…Decide to start trying for #2 and again am pregnant on the first try. This one is a chemical pregnancy and I start bleeding 4 days after my positive pregnancy test. I am still breastfeeding at this time.

April 2018…Pregnant again and 4th missed miscarriage. Started taking aspirin and vaginal progesterone as soon as I got the positive test. Saw heartbeat at 6 weeks but a little behind in growth based on my BBT charting. Follow up US 10 days later shows missed miscarriage with no growth past 7 weeks. Miscarriage induced with misoprostol. Chromosomal testing shows a chromosomally normal boy. This pregnancy tanked my milk supply and I am no longer breastfeeding after 18 months.

July 2018…meet with new RE. FSH 15 and AMH 1.2, so about the same as last time. With the new information that I have miscarried a chromosomally normal embryo, we are thinking that my uterus is contributing to the miscarriages as well. Saline sonogram done in Aug 2018 shows normal appearing uterus.

Sept 2018…pregnant again. Taking baby aspirin regularly and vaginal progesterone from 3 DPO. This pregnancy progresses normally until 28 weeks.

Feb 2019…I go into labor and delivery with reduced fetal movement to find out my baby boy has passed away. I deliver him stillborn on Feb. 24, 2019, which can only be described as the worst experience of my life. We name him Colton. There is no obvious cause for the stillbirth.

July 2019…AMH is halved to 0.6 in one year and FSH is 14, with E2 >50 so artificially suppressing FSH. I am officially DOR.

Oct 2019…pregnancy #8 ends in a chemical pregnancy.

**Last updated 10/21/2019

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