She grew!!!

I had my growth scan at 34 weeks 5 days and baby girl put on 1 lb 3 oz in the past 2 weeks! Now she’s estimated to be 4 lbs 3 oz. still tiny but up to the 3rd percentile. I’m hoping she can break the 5 lb mark by our induction at 37 weeks. Blood flow through the cord still looks good, as do my fluid levels, and she’s still passing her NSTs. My BP was slightly higher than my normal but still ok (128/88), and I had trace protein in my urine. My MFM wasn’t concerned so I guess I’m not either. 

My MFM scheduled our induction for October 1! That’s 37 weeks exactly. Less than 2 weeks from today. For some reason having this scheduled finally got me excited! The hospital will call us sometime after 4pm to let us know what time to come in to get started. I’m assuming this is because they do the scheduled c-sections earlier in the day and then the scheduled inductions happen afterward. From what I understand, they will give me medicine to ripen my cervix, and possibly use a foley balloon to help dilate me. Then I’ll probably get some pitocin. I’m not super excited about the possibility of a balloon to dilate my cervix or pitocin as I hear both can be painful, but I guess we do what we gotta do to get the baby out safely. I know the nerves about being induced will hit eventually but for now I’m just going to enjoy this incredible feeling of excitement! 

Now I’m nesting like a mad woman. My hubby set up the crib and changing table yesterday, and I bought the rest of the necessities off of our registery. Tomorrow is baby laundry day and then I’ll put everything away in its rightful place. I am a terrible decorator and I’m not into themed things but I had a ton of fun picking out cute crib and changing table sheets. Nothing is matchy but I love them all. Once I’m finished getting everything together I’ll try to remember to post pictures so you can all see my valiant attempts at nesting!

I had my friend-thrown baby shower yesterday, and it was so fun to celebrate the baby with my girlfriends and family. My aunt (who is an artist) gave me some incredible illustrations that I’m going to frame and hang by her bed. Everyone gave her a book to add to her library. My husband and I love to read so it’s great to have so many books now. Some of the books we got are from our friend’s childhood collections (used) and I think that’s so cool!

I also had my last day of work this past Wednesday and yesterday was my first official day of maternity leave. I’m so happy to be off now, as it was getting really hard to be at work on my feet all day, and sitting in the car for long periods of time commuting has been torture!

I hope everyone is doing well!


19 thoughts on “She grew!!!

  1. Amy M.

    Hooray for growth!! Hopefully she’ll grow at least a pound before your induction. So happy you have a date to aim for now!! I hope the next couple weeks are uneventful for you, and your delivery is not too bad. Also of course that baby comes out screaming and doing well! Can’t wait for your next update!

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  2. TMM

    I had a scheduled c-section with my twins at 37 weeks exactly and my smallest baby was 5lbs 1oz. No NICU time, and she’s still tiny at 6 weeks, but perfect, of course. πŸ˜€

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    1. RJ Post author

      Awww great to hear that your little baby did well at your 37 week induction! Thank you, I love hearing that. Hope things are well in your transition with your twins.

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  3. EmilyMaine

    Yay! Great news! I am so happy for you. Induction is sooooo close now. How exciting! You know there are some really positive induction stories out there – maybe Google those to get your frame of mind right. I think you will be great!!

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  4. sbach1222

    I have been hoping to hear an awesome update like this! Over 4 pounds! That is so fantastic! So glad to hear you are both doing great! Can’t wait to see the nursery pictures! You are so close!

    Hooray again!

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  5. Jennie

    Yay that is awesome news! I have been thinking of you and I am so happy to see that. Also, my BP did similar things and my obgyn was not concerned unless it hit 140/90.

    Hope she continues to pack on the pounds πŸ˜„



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